Vital Remodeler Marketing Methods You Can Use with Past Customers

As a remodeler you are always probably on the lookout for new customers . Have you considered getting new business that came from a source that already knows you or has confidence in you? According to homebuilder sales experts, your past customers are a great source of new business as long as you stay in touch with them and let them be aware of what else you can do for them.  Here are some vital marketing strategies you can use with past clients.


In the home remodeler business there are always new trends and improvements that can help customers get what they want for their home. Email past clients and get permission if it is alright for you to show them the projects you are working on currently. Make sure to remind them how it was such a joy working with them and inquire if they would be curious in getting an occasional update from you that focuses on your most successful projects. It is important to tell them that it is ok to opt out anytime if they do not want to get information any longer.  It is an amazing way of showing them what you do as well as give them new ideas of projects they might be interested in undertaking with you.


Inform past clients about new developments that you have seen as well as any new materials that might be good for their home. Remind them of your expertise in this field just do not forget that you are only informing and not selling anything. The message according to remodeler sales conversion experts should be is you are sharing information because you think it might be helpful, nothing more.

Provide Motivation

If you are headed towards the lean months of your remodeling business, you could consider offering past clients a limited time only promo like a discount. Inform them that there are some openings in your schedule and you prefer to be busy. If you are aware of some environmental rebates that will expire soon, do inform them about it and let the rebate money be the incentive for them. Offer a gift card for any referral  so that they feel that they are getting something in return for their efforts.