How to do Effective Real-Time Marketing for Your New Home Business

Real-time marketing is the art of being relevant and timing is everything in order to implement a successful real-time marketing campaign. A perfect example is when the power went out during the Super Bowl, marketers for Oreo cookies quickly came out with a tweet showing a darkened cookie, saying “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark. “

Plan Ahead

The key according to remodeler sales conversion experts is to plan in advance.  The most common ones are major holidays, change in the seasons, good or bad weather etc.,  or if you own a business that deals locally then prepare for upcoming local events like town festivals or ball games.

For example:

Old Method: Have us remodel your bathroom and get what you’ve always wanted.

New Way: Get your remodeled bathroom done by Valentine’s Day and have a romantic home spa day date.

While it is true that you will never be able to plan for all things ahead. If you are thinking in the concept of real-time marketing, you can capitalize on things that happen regularly and put your own spin on it to make it more relevant for your business and the customer.


This is a term that injects your brand into the news of the day, a creative twist that grabs the attention of readers.  It is important to be sensitive however because the last thing you need is negative publicity.  For example, The Red Cross newsjacked Hurricane Sandy by creating an app that was useful to get information about the storm or for informing others the were safe.  A bad way to do it is to put out an ad about fixing your home after a hurricane when you know that the event claimed lives.


According to renovation marketing experts, relevance is everything  when it comes to real-time marketing and without it the whole point of the campaign would be moot and academic. The main focus of the exercise is to associate your brand with something that is relevant in the moment. Utilize news on real estate in order to encourage people to check out your remodeling products and services as opposed to selling homes outright. Take environmental issues to promote replacing a wooden deck with a stone patio or climate change news to promote green energy for existing homes.