Useful Lead Generation Techniques for the Home Remodeler

Lead generation is by far one of the most important activities that any home remodeler needs to do each month. Without new leads to pursue, there will be no new customers.  Whether it be new homebuilder leads or remodeling leads the golden rule to remember is that not all is ready to purchase or inquire about your services when they land on your site.  However, that does not mean they will never be. The trick is to ensure they remember how they found your site when they are ready to contact you.  Here is how to develop leads and turn them into paying customers.

Write Valuable Content

One useful method to get your renovation marketing in motion is to create content that is appealing and offer tons of value to your customers. You can write an eBook or whitepaper article that is practical and easy to implement. This should be focused on how to purchase or invest in properties and more importantly how to save lots of money in the process or how to make some in the industry.

Some useful topics to get you on the right track would be:

  • 5 Ways to bring down the cost of your Mortgage
  • 10 Ways to get affordable financing for your new home
  • 3 Secret strategies wealthy investors use to get profit from custom homes

Get their Emails

Once you have your new content ready, the next step would be to create a sign-up section on your blog sidebar which requests visitors email address and nothing else. Studies show that the less personal information you try to farm from customer the higher the chance they would provide it willingly. Each time you write a new blog piece email your prospects about it and then get some feedback. This will help your content marketing and will put you into a more stable position as an expert.

Ramp Up Engagement

Once you have their email address, ramp up engagement with your customers by creating not just one email post but also an email series offering more value that is above and beyond the whitepaper or eBook.  The first few emails should lead them to look forward to the next ones and the last few will begin prompting them to take action while the last one would be the sales letter.