The Importance of Good Referrals for your Remodeling Business

In any business, referrals are very important in order to get more leads and eventually more customers. Businesses that rely on “trust” like the home renovation/remodeling business need referrals like you need air as when it comes to something as important as building or maintaining  a home you want someone you can rely on.

Good Referrals Do not Just Appear Out of Thin Air

As a homebuilder or remodeler you have had clients in the past that have been absolutely thrilled about the work you have done and maybe they have told some of their friends and family about it but that can only take you so far.  You want to know how experienced homebuilders get numerous referrals all the time? They ask for it.  Even if your clients are happy with the remodel you’ve done for their home they won’t post it. If someone is happy with your remodeling job by all means ask him or her for a referral.

Great is better than Good Referrals

Why be stuck with good referrals when you can make great ones too? According to renovation sales experts, customers are not always eloquent to provide really good referrals. Sure the feedback is positive but it lacks something.  It is alright to edit comments as long as the meaning of the words do not change. There are times when you need to shorten the comment in order to make it clear. It is always a good idea to run the edited version by your customers and explain to them the need to emphasize o something and to make sure that the re-wording still reflects their thoughts.

Go Beyond

No one expects to read a bad referral about a business as this spells doom.  However, it is not enough to hear, “We love the new kitchen remodel you did for us.”  This does not tell a whole lot.  Remodeler sales training experts recommend that you request clients to describe the process or to select specific challenges that you as their remodeler was able to overcome for them. This will highlight your best work and net you more trust and a higher level of confidence with new and old customers alike.